Holiday Cottage Scotland

From the Scottish Borders to the Shetland Islands, Scotland is a unique and intriguing destination. It is filled with all the richness and history of the United Kingdom, going back farther still. To give yourself the freedom and independence to investigate the many treasures Scotland has to offer at your own speed and on your own terms, self catering accommodation is the ideal choice for visitors. Whether you are looking for a small apartment for one or a larger holiday cottage Scotland has something for everyone.

If you visit its capital city, Edinburgh, you�ll be in the heart of one of the world�s most literary and historic places. Edinburgh was integral to the age of enlightenment, the repercussions of which are still felt. It has been and remains the city of education and home for many of Britain�s great scientists, writers and politicians. It is also a city of theatre, art and fine dining. On the other side, to the west, there is Glasgow, which itself is a city of exciting developments, in both Scottish and world culture. From spawning famous bands to Michelin-starred restaurants, Glasgow has its own unique identity. The largest cities offer a wealth of self catering apartments from which you can explore these culture capitals!

But the big cities of Scotland only supply a part of its charm. Many visit to discover its unspoiled countryside, to see the castles and visit the lochs. The Highlands & Islands are internationally known. In the Highlands, you�ll find much that lends Scotland its unique identity. There are golf courses which were there at the beginning of the modern game, there are the quaint distilleries which make rare single malt whiskies that are so limited in production they don�t get exported abroad. Holiday cottages are cosy and comfortable accommodation options for those visiting this beautiful and romantic part of the country.

It�s not only in the Highlands that you�ll get your good whisky. Aberdeenshire & Moray have their fair share of Scottish whisky. In Moray, you�ll be able to tour Speyside distilleries, and walk the old streets of fishing villages that sit on the coast up north. The Moray coast is renowned for its rugged, dramatic rocks and crashing waves. Aberdeenshire is where you�ll be able to see those verdant farms which produce Aberdeen Angus cattle, from which comes Britain�s most prized beef.

Clyde & Ayrshire, too, have a special relationship with prize livestock. Ayrshire cattle supply milk that makes it into the gourmet section of every upmarket store, and right across the globe at that. In all of these areas, there is something unique and different, but always something inspiring to see and do. There are few parts of Scotland which aren�t invested with a sense of the rich culture and enduring traditions of Britain�s northernmost country.

Culture and tradition are just as apparent in Perthshire & Tayside, where nature lovers and anglers often come to hike, walk and cast that line for the bountiful salmon. Rivers abound, and whether you want to fish gently and quietly on your own, or join up with those who share your pleasure, you won�t have to search for long to find the right spot. Maybe you�ll find yourself on the banks of the River Tay, where you�ll also find Birnam Oak which has been cemented in literary history by William Shakespeare who referred to it in his opus, Macbeth, in connection to Dunsinane, which itself can be visited in Perthshire.

Those with a love of wildlife might venture to the West Coast, where there is much unspoiled scenery, where Minke whales come to spend the summer, and where it's only a ferry ride to the Inner and Outer Hebrides and their wondrous migratory bird life.

For still more history, though closer to the east coast, Lothian & Borders have near to them Holy Island, the seat of Christianity in Britain.

Whether you want to see Nessie in the Loch, explore the Grampian Mountains, play golf at St Andrews, revel in the pleasures of the Edinburgh Festival, or just enjoy the goodwill of the locals, Scotland is a place where the bagpipes are heard true. From Central Scotland & Fife to Dumfries & Galloway, from the Borders to John O�Groats, you�ll find a country unto itself; a rich tapestry of history, natural beauty, ancient traditions and unique people. Please look at our featured holiday cottages in Scotland and take your time to consider which would be best suited for your self-catering accommodation needs.